March / April 2017

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About This Project

The challenge

As one of the sponsors of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town (MBFWCT), Boschendal, wanted a social media campaign to tie in with this event, while also positioning the brand top of mind to stylish individuals across the country. We were given the concept of ‘inspired living’ around which to build this campaign.  


The solution

We developed an overarching hashtag for the campaign – the #BoschendalStyleClub – which aimed to celebrate passion beyond wine by recognising inspired living.


We ran a competition that encouraged Boschendal’s social media audience to nominate trendsetters, storytellers and tastemakers, who would ultimately become the first members of the #BoschendalStyleClub and win a VIP MBFWCT experience.


We tied wine to each of the style pillars – fashion, art and photography, and food  –  through a series of custom-made GIFs. By looking ‘through’ a wine glass, the viewer would see the three content pillars merge with the passion of Boschendal’s winemaking.




The campaign was run on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, with four blog posts on the Boschendal website. Twitter was our main focus, as a key component of this campaign involved live-tweeting throughout MBFWCT shows. And yes, we caught all the red carpet action and runway glam.


The outcome

We received over 20 inspiring entries for the first members of the #BoschendalStyleClub, ranging from people who had overcome cancer, to community upliftment projects and unique style icons.


Bdal3  Bdal5


Twitter impressions grew from 6.5k in February to 36.5k in March and 24.4k in April, back down to 6.2k in May once the campaign had finished. That’s growth in impressions of over 460% between February and March – well-deserving of a wolf whistle, we think.


The top tweet in terms of engagement and impressions for both March and April came from the campaign – in March, it topped 5 405 impressions and 449 engagements, and in April, 3 226 impressions.


In terms of share of voice, Boschendal was the only MBFWCT sponsor to have a dedicated campaign around the event – we’re taking that as an instant brand win!


What’s next?

The concept of the #BoschendalStyleClub will stay with the brand – when we conceived the idea, longevity was an important factor for us to consider. The #BoschendalStyleClub will continue to grow, as new inspiring members are discovered!

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